This is the original website for Buckroe Music Company (BMC). Buckroe an old English word for meeting place, is like something BMC is trying to do, with music and fellow musicians. Also the name is a place where I have fond memories hanging around Buckroe Beach Virginia when I was younger.

When COVID hit almost all night clubs and musical events came to an abrupt halt and I was out of work. More than that we had no place to perform in front of an audience. Needing a fix, I would turn up my amp in the house thinking the neighbors will at least hear me play on my bass, but not the same thing and they didn’t even notice.

So we came up with an idea of putting up YouTube videos with as many musicians as we can get together. We never would say this is an original idea. Just a way to document what we do as musicians.

As you can see things are a bit slow, but hang in there things are about to change. And as always thanks for your support. When you watch our videos and you like what we do; please help us out. in getting our numbers up, by hitting the like button, the bell for more notification, or subscribe to our channel.


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